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Bio: Foldable Shovel
1.1 Specification of Foldable Shovel:
Whole Length73.5cm
Blade Length9.5cm
Blade Material440C Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness58HRC
Handle MaterialHigh hardness aero aluminium
Blade Surfacebarffing
GrindingFringe Grinding
SleeveTactical nylon sleeve
AccessoriesToolbox External package
PackingOx box packing
1.2 Features of Foldable Shovel:
Built-in Multi-purpose utility knife
Outdoor knife can be used for picnics in the wild, cut meat and vegetables, chop bones, peel the animal skins, scrape the scales, cut the ropes and protect the body…
Multi-function tail for Escape window
Multi-function umbrella rope
The foldable shovel handle is made of high hardness aero aluminum and rubber material is used in the hand.
It can be converted into a hoe pattern.
The tactical nylon sheath can completely cover the shovel head and prevent accidental injury.
Detail Pictures of Foldable Shovel:Shovel And Spade Free Sample
Sex: Undisclosed