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Bio: Our History
Huantai Hyde Glass Factory was established in 2008, most of its managers and operators have more than 20 years working experience in glass industry. Now Hyde is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of processed glass in Shandong province of China.

"Customer First, Credit Foremost" is our belief. Based on high quality products, reasonable price, and excellent service, Hyde devoted to establish long term, and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with every customer.
Our Factory
Huantai Hyde Glass Factory located in Zibo city, Shandong Province of China, and it is about 300km to Qingdao port. Now Hyde has about 50 workers, 16 sets of glass processing lines & machines, and covers an area about 4000Sqm.
Our Product
Tempered building glass, low-e insulated glass (facade, window & door), laminated glass, silk screen printed glass, bathroom glass, pool fence, greenhouse glass, solar panel glass, solar water heater glass, furniture glass, fridge glass, kitchen glass etc.
Product Application
Building interior & exterior, e.g. window glass, door glass, balustrade glass, glass partition, glass roof, glass canopy, curtain wall glass, facade glass, pool fence glass, glass steps, bathroom glass, table top glass, kitchen glass, etc. Also glass can be used in other industries, e.g furniture glass, solar glass, home appliance glass, etc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
1 Bystronic cutting line, 3 glass cutting lines made in China , 2 straight double edging lines, 2 Bottero double edging line, 2 glass tempering furnaces, 1 insulated glass line, 1 laminated glass line, and other glass processing machines etc.
Production Market
About half of our products for domestic sales, and the other half for abroad market, market share for abroad market in each region is as following:
40% for Europe
20% for America
20% for East Asia
10% for Africa
10% for Australia
Our service
Advantages of Hyde Glass
1 Managers and equipment operators have more than 20 years experience in glass industry.
2 Has products engineers can provide professional advice on glass products design and application when you need.
3. Advanced glass processing equipment and machines, equipment suppliers such as Bottero, Bystronic, Benteler, Tamglass, Northglass, Land Glass, Suntech etc.
4. Good quality, competitive price.
5. Glass size and thickness can be customized.
6. Response within 24 hours after receiving inquiry or questions about our products.
7. Delivery on time.
8. Timely after sales service.China Tempered Glass For Fridge Door
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